Jewellery with Porcelain:

The term jewellery means bejewel and decorating also means nestle. The jewellery is sculptural, nestling to the body of the female wearing it and becoming one with her. It emphasizes her individual expression, her dreams and longings, her affiliation.
The jewellery searches for a sophisticated female, who enjoys precious luxury and who will let herself be led into emotional spheres…

The feminine jewellery with its smooth basic forms will fulfil her expectations. It is conspicuous, but not obtrusive.

The jewellery is characterised by using noble materials such as Porcelain, precious gems and precious metals in an original way creating a new kind of jewellery. In these different creative designs my designer character is to be seen. Depending on moods and preferences there are pieces from dainty-grandiose to gentle and still, characterised by diverse arrangements and combinations of different materials.

It is important for me to combine ancient tradition with modern age in my creations.

“To me jewellery is something lasting, a story-teller, memories…jewellery connects to emotions and feelings. Wearing my jewellery is not only the small sculpture around the neck, it becomes alive with the female wearing it…“

Why Porcelain Jewellery?

While working on the project „Combining porcelain and precious gems“ at the university for Design of Precious Gems and Jewellery, I made the first contact with the exceptional material porcelain. After desperate attempts to work with porcelain in the beginning, I decided to continue my studies at the „Staatlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH“ in 2001. Through coping with porcelain and its handling first pieces of jewellery were created and passion for this material developed. One reason for my fascination is the special character of porcelain. It is very determined, but nevertheless very fragile and sensitive in raw conditions. Marks left from working on it will show unintentional deformations or sudden casting seams only after firing. Porcelain will never forgive unloving handling.

The determining, but yet so fragile material was the reason for continuing my work. A new and very original kind of jewellery was created.

The contact with the “Staatlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen GmbH” was consolidated by my dissertation in 2003. The subject was “Jewellery made with porcelain”. In autumn of 2004, previous project studies changed into a contracted partnership. In spring 2005, the new collection was introduced and presented to the public for the first time.

I'm working “misusingly” on the fired porcelain, more as if working on a gem by partially sawing it into parts or engraving it. By this unusual working method for porcelain new images appear.

Some of the pieces of jewellery are made of layers of porcelain and precious stones, put together again and then cut like a stone. I'm also fascinated by precious stones. For me, they are naturally grown individuals, one stone not being the other’s equal. These features go very well with the characteristics of porcelain. A whole new combination of materials was created in the field of jewellery by experimenting. Hard porcelain, is very suitable for combining these materials, because of its hardness (hardness 7) and other quality-features similar to gems. Because of the thickness of the material the porcelain pieces are solid and not much fragile like a Rockcrystall

(also hardness 7).

In other pieces of jewellery, precious stones such as tourmalines, blue and yellow sapphires and rubies are set in the porcelain. The stones emphasize elevations on the hollow porcelain bodies like shooting blossoms.

The porcelain bodies are hollow, and therefore fairly light in relation to their size. A piece of production that is converted easier than working with stones.

This jewellery is a synonym for a successful combination of noble materials, tradition and modern age. A new modern relation is given to the antiquated image of porcelain.